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9673 E. State Route 162 Republic, OH 44867

9673 E. State Route 162 Republic, OH 44867

Engines in Republic and Tiffin, OH

Engines from Gary’s Equipment, LTD for the Tiffin, OH, Area

Gary’s Equipment, LTD has many models and brands of engines for sale. We also have a large inventory of parts and accessories you need for your engines in Tiffin, OH. At Gary’s Equipment, LTD you will find Briggs & Stratton® who are known for high-quality engines and parts. These engines are reliable and powerful enough to keep large or small vehicles and other machines running. Depend on the engines from Gary’s Equipment, LTD for the power you need to operate your machinery at your home or farm.

Riding mower engine by Briggs & Stratton sold at Gary's Equipment, LTD.

Engines for Push and Riding Lawn Mowers in Republic, OH

Most of our reliable engines come from Briggs & Stratton®, a well-known brand who makes top quality products. Gary’s Equipment, LTD has push mower engines, riding mower engines, commercial engines, snow blower engines and utility engines from Briggs & Stratton®. Their push mower engines are made to be lighter and run quieter while still delivering your need to cut any kind of grass. Briggs & Stratton® engines are designed to be tough, innovative, and easy to use for both new and older equipment. For riding mower engines, they have single-cylinders to v-twins for many different types of riding mowers.

Snow blower engine by Briggs & Stratton sold at Gary's Equipment, LTD.

Commercial, Snow Blower, and Utility Engines at Gary’s Equipment

Commercial engines are made to deliver the high power you need to keep your equipment running. Snow blower engines from Briggs & Stratton® are designed to start without the hassle even in extreme temperatures. You can depend on their snow blower engines when winter is at its worst to clear snow and ice. Utility Engines are a great option to power equipment such as garden tillers, log splitters, pressure washers, water pumps, portable generators and much more. All the engines sold at Gary’s Equipment, LTD are perfect for both farmer and homeowners in the Seneca County area.

Batteries from a Trusted Brand at Gary’s Equipment, LTD

If you are looking for batteries we also have Crown® Battery, a great company that has a reputation for quality. These batteries can be used in large farm tractors to common automobiles. Batteries are used to operate the whole electrical system and are often used by handicapped people. To learn more about the batteries we sell at Gary’s Equipment, LTD, visit our store in Republic, OH, or give us a call at (419) 585-5391.